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If you're not using our financing programs to approve your Prime, Near-Prime, and Sub-Prime customers you are losing sales!!

Financing your customer purchases is important to your business because it means making more sales. If you don’t, your customer may seek a competitor who will.  Unlike traditional banks, we can help you finance more customers which means you make even more sales and beat your competitors (We lend down to a 560 credit score)!  Imagine if your business could advertise in-house financing and payment to you within 72 hours?

                                  Why we are so vital to your business!

Fewer than 10% of consumers use cash or checks for purchases over $700.00.  32% of consumers don’t own a credit card and 68% of US credit card holders have less than 5% of their available credit limit.

Only 33% of US consumers are considered as prime, meaning they possess a credit score of 740 or greater.  Credit requirements of the big banks are expected to tighten even more, are you ready?

Update: We are soon launching our Private Credit Card Program! You will be able to offer your customers a revolving line of credit that includes a credit card Branded To Your Business.  This line of credit can only be used at your business thereby increasing repeat sales and reducing your customers shopping the competition. Other credit grantors allow their credit lines to be used by your competitors even if the account originated from your business!  Contact us today to be one of the first to offer this exciting new product.

                             Target Businesses who will Benefit from this Program!

* Attorney Retainer Fee Finance                 * Medical / Dental Patient Finance
* Retailer Financing Program                     * Revenue Guard
* No Credit Check Program                        * Flat Fee Merchant Finance